Moodle FAQ

Q:What is Moodle

A. Moodle is a course management system that allows faculty and students to interact outside the classroom via the web. Moodle is easy to use and can incorporate course materials in a variety of formats: PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, video/audio clips as well as HTML documents. In addition to downloading course materials, students can use Moodle to e-mail and participate in discussion boards. Students can take online quizzes, check grades, and collaborate online.

Q: How do I login to Moodle?

A: Go to and use your Agnes Scott user ID and password to log in. If you have forgotten the password, you may be able to reset it using the Password Change Utility.

Q: Who do a I call or email if I have a question or need help with Moodle?

A: Please contact the help desk at ext. 5487 or email

Q: Why don’t I see some of my courses?

A: There are a few reasons why you may not see a course or courses.

If you’re a student:

  • Your professor may not be using Moodle or your professor hasn’t yet made the site available to her students.
  • Or, you are not enrolled in the course. If you recently added the course, Moodle will list your course about 24 hours after the Registrar’s office enrolled you in the course.

If you’re a faculty member:

  • You may not be listed as the instructor of record. Contact the Registrar’s office to ensure you’re listed as the instructor of record.
  • If your students mention they’re unable to see a course you’re teaching, it’s likely you need to make your Moodle course site visible.

Q: What classes are using Moodle?

A: A Moodle course site is created for all academic courses each of which is created hidden. It is up to the discretion of the instructor if they use Moodle for their courses.

Q: I’ve just added a course that uses Moodle; how long before I have access to it?

A: Drop/adds will be processed in the system within 24 hours of being submitted to the Registrar’s office. Once you are in the Registrar’s system your course will appear in Moodle after 3 a.m. the following day.

Q: How do I find my courses?

A: You can find your current and upcoming courses listed by semester in the Filtered Course list block found on the Moodle home page. You can also see all of your courses listed in the Course Overview block, also found on the Moodle home page by clicking on “Dashboard.“

Q: How do I add my profile picture?

A: Go to the Editing your Moodle Profile video  for instructions on how to update your profile picture.

Q: Can I update my name and email address?

A: The fields First name, Last name, Email address are based on your Agnes Scott NetID, so these values match the values stored in AscAgnes. If any of these fields are inaccurate, students should contact the Registrar.

Q: How can I get more help?

A: Contact the Help Desk at or (40) 471-5487.

Q. When will fall and spring Moodle courses be available 

A: Fall courses will be available by the first week of August. Spring courses are available by the second week of January.